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I recently designed a backyard with a new pool and hardscape in Glendale, California. The clients had lived in their home for over 10 years and were ready for a change. With growing children, a swimming pool/spa combo and backyard redesign was the best option. The challenge going into this project is that the house lacked design and needed fix ups all over.

The house and backyard have a more cozy feel so the idea became to make it more traditional. Some brick, colored concrete, classic blue tile – the backyard would set the standard for the rest of the house.

Meeting with the clients and getting a feel of what they like inspired us to come up with a design that would fit them and suit their needs.

After the measurements were taken, it was time to put their design in 3D. Using 3D renderings is so vital in design. It shows the client what they are getting before hand and can prevent disappointment in the future. Seeing your vision as a designer boosts the client’s confidence in you and your product.

We wanted to give the client the feeling of having a larger space in their backyard even though we were designing the pool and dropping it in the middle.  We accomplished this by using softer lines for the pool and spa and not just making a square block.

After presenting the 3D Renderings to the client, the rest was pretty simple. They saw what they liked and wanted to move forward with the design. As we moved through the project, the client was inspired to design more of the house.

Once the pool, spa and hardscape were completed, you could see the complete transformation of the empty space that was in their backyard previously. Now they have a place where their children can play, a place to hang out, a place to admire a beautiful water feature and a completely transformed backyard.


















The swimming pool builder and hardscape constructor is Certified Swimming Pools of California located in Burbank, California. If you are interested in getting a pool built in the LA County, visit their website by clicking here: Certified Swimming Pools of California.

The nest step is tacking the rest of the house!

– David Samuel