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A couple days ago I wrote about living art. This was a piece about succulents that are attached to a frame and placed vertically as wall art. I am extremely fascinated by this concept because it is so creative.

I embarked upon a bit more research on the subject. Living art is mainly made with succulents due to the fact that they have water retaining abilities and root into the ground they are planted in rather firmly. Succulents are  drought resistant thus would require less water. This fact assists with the concept of saving water and having an environmentally friendly garden.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were city sponsored programs to place large framed installations of living art around different cities? Not only would they beautify cities, but it would bring the “green” factor to dense urban environments.

Here are some examples of living art that hopefully inspires you to create some of your own:

These frames can be purchased at Target or other similar stores.

I would love to create a back lit green wall in a home or garden.

Very large succulent art wall.

Beautiful storefront.

Living Wall created by Brock McCormick

Van Gogh Living Wall.

Living Wall in Garden

If you do create any pieces of living art, send me a message with a picture. I would love to see some more concepts and have some feedback!