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I was recently working with a client who lives in the Pacific Palisades in California and they wanted to put a pool in their back yard. After consulting with them and getting what they like and dislike, I came up with a couple of designs and presented them. Their favorite design is the one I have displayed below in a 3D Rendering.


They are currently in the process of a full house remodel to give their house a more Spanish look.

We worked on a design whereby we could keep the palm trees, make it more Mediterranean, have flagstone, water features, a large spa and keep it green. The back yard also slopes up so we had to layer the elevation changes properly. Working with the space at hand and attempting to maximize on what I could put back there with out killing the yard and staying within the city codes, I came up with this (click on the images to expand and see in detail):


Another shot:

And another:

Your feedback on this project and the design is welcome!