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I spy Los Angeles


One of my favorite places in Los Angeles is  located next to the 405 Freeway, the Getty Center. This place breathes every form of art out there and you are welcome to tour it all for free. There is a $15 dollar charge for parking, but that is nothing compared to the experience you get from the Getty Center.

I went this Saturday in the middle of the Los Angeles heat wave. On the drive there, my car read temperatures of 103-109 so I was reluctant to step out of the car and get fried by the hot hot sun. To my surprise there was a nice breeze and it was bearable to be in the sun (the inside if the buildings had a kickin’ AC as well – BONUS!).

The Getty Center is an excellent location to see amazing feats of Architecture represented in various forms. You have water features, massive buildings, landscaping –  all put together with that “eye for detail” that’s out of this world. I cannot stress how relaxing and peaceful this place is – from the outdoor gardens and panoramic views to the photographic exhibitions of world history. You would have to hate beautiful things to have a bad time at this place.

Currently, their special photographic exhibition covers Cuba from circa 1933 to 2003 (present day). It includes documentation of Fidel Castro and how he used photographs to boast propaganda throughout Cuba in his rise to power. Really fascinating stuff! Link to Cuban exhibition: http://www.getty.edu/art/exhibitions/walker_evans_cuba

"Picnic Lawn"

Getty Center water feature

They also have concerts and DJ’s on Saturday nights for the summer.

Every time I leave the Getty, I am inspired to create something amazing.  I recommend anyone who hasn’t been there, make a trip out there, it is well worth your while! 

Here is the link to the Getty’s Website: http://www.getty.edu/