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Art Walk Downtown LA

Every first Thursday of each month Downtown Los Angeles hosts a night dedicated to artists. It is called the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk. Galleries open up and artists have a location to display their creations. The streets pack out with admiring viewers, interesting people, artists and individuals who appreciate excellent gourmet food trucks.

I decided to visit last Thursday evening – I only live 10 minutes away so it isn’t that much of a trek. I went to one of my favorite galleries – the Hive Gallery and snuck a peek at who was showing that evening. I am a huge fan of art that goes outside the box, I find it a bit more interesting and that’s usually what you find at Hive.

Here are some of the artists that were on display at Hive Gallery:

Mixed Media by Walt Hall

Mixed Media Pieces by Walt Hall

Walt Hall is one of my favorite artists right now. I have seen him at a few galleries over the past year. Check out his site by clicking here: http://www.thesappystudio.com/Home_Page.php


"Falling Down" by Alan Deforest

Alan Deforest, you have a new fan!

"St. Elizabeth" by Vicki Berndt & Chris Richardson

Vicki Berndt’s website: http://vickiberndt.com/

Live DJ at Hive Gallery

Another major aspect of Downtown LA Art Walk is the architecture. The old buildings mixed with aspects of modern architecture are pulled off quite nicely.

Art Walk Downtown Los Angeles

Beautiful Buildings at Art Walk

Mural by Claudio Ethos

The Wende Museum Outdoor Exhibit

A night at Art Walk for me wouldn’t be complete without stopping by the Silo Bar or Seven Grand in Downtown LA. I recommend stopping by and paying a visit to both of them. The Silo Bar has a vodka tasting room along with delicious vodka drink creations.

Silo Bar - Downtown Los Angeles

Seven Grand Downtown LA - Hallway

Los Angeles has a huge art scene and a plethora of amazing undiscovered artists. If you live in Los Angeles and haven’t been to Art Walk, I suggest you take a trip. If you plan to visit Los Angeles, I suggest fitting it in your itinerary.

Every time I walk away from Art Walk, I am re-inspired to design and create beautiful projects. I’m lucky to live so close to something this fun and creative.

To check out all the information on Art Walk, please click here to visit their website: Art Walk Downtown LA.

For a final shot – goodnight Downtown Los Angeles and once again thank you for a wonderfully creative evening…