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I have a client who just purchased a house and is now moving in. They have a few things to update on the house and one of the major items is the backyard and pool area. Since they just purchased a house, they are on a budget and want to get everything done within this budget. Additionally, this is not their dream house and they plan to rent it out in a couple of years.

Based on this, I had to get quite creative on how to upgrade the space without cutting corners and getting it designed to their liking.


Before Image of Backyard

First off, they love reddish tan concrete. This color actually fits in with this house quite nicely due to the brick, tans, whites and browns. They wanted the pool coping to match up with the decking, but contrast a bit and of course, “green up” the area.

Based on the budget and what they wanted, I proposed to seal and stain the decking with a reddish tan glossy stain. Stain the pool coping with a color that blends in with the decking and cut out planter areas in front of the block wall (the planters get lined with brick).

I proposed to enclose the equipment with a wooden enclosure instead of block as this would warm up the space. Moving the equipment out of sight is out of the questions budget wise.

Part of the remodel includes re-plastering the pool and replacing the tile. I proposed to add a deep end bench in the pool instead of the ugly silver handrails.

Additionally, there is existing electrical spot lights along the wall. Part of my proposal is to use these to create tall lights for the backyard. This saves money since no new electrical needs to be run.

With all that said, here are the before photos:


Before Remodel

This is the proposed remodel I have for the backyard/pool area:

Proposed Remodel

Proposed Remodel

Proposed Remodel

Proposed Remodel

If you noticed, I rendered in a little living art piece on the wooden equipment enclosure wall. I think it adds a nice little touch.

I hope this post had some helpful tips for you. 🙂