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Mr. Brainwash Art Show 2011

I had the privilege of attending one of “Mr. Brainwash’s” rare Art Shows at the very end of this past year. “Mr. Brainwash” (MBW), also known as Thierry Guetta, is a well emerged street artist featured in the movie “Exit Through the Gift Shop“.

The succinct version of his story starts out with Guetta as a clothing store owner who is fascinated by street art and documents the activities of his cousin, “Invader and other famous street artists such as “Shepard Fairey and the world renowned “Banksy“. Along the way, “Banksy” transforms Guetta into “Mr. Brainwash” and his career as a street artist takes flight.

There is heavy speculation as to who Guetta really is along with a rash of complaints of how he copies other peoples art and twists it all around. Regardless of this, whether he is”Banksy“, or if he is a “sell-out”, I personally enjoy what he envisions and what is created in the end. I have a strong belief that we all build off each other’s ideas and can grow in that capacity.

MBW’s art show was open to the public and free to view. It was set in a massive two story warehouse on La Brea Ave in Hollywood, California. He also gave free posters of his works to attendees of the show. He offered autographs for his posters once a day to interested parties.

Here is a brief look at some of his work from: “Art Show 2011:

Line Outside of Mr. Brainwash Studios

One of my Favorite Pieces

Life is Beautiful

Larger Than Life Camera

Made Purely Out of Broken Record Pieces


Great Message 🙂

Mr. Potato Head Nearly 20 Feet Tall

The Colonel is Locked Up

Giant Metal Sheeting Dumbo with a Spray Can

Kangaroo Made of Tires

Mr. Brainwash and I

It was a great show and I recommend anyone who is interested in seeing his work, sign up for his mailing list at: http://www.mrbrainwash.com/

His work is part of the wave of street art that will continue to emerge and create history.