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My newest project is in Burbank, California. It includes designing a yard, adding a pool/spa combo and hardscaping. This is my first bout at it and there will most likely be revisions. I am sharing this to give simple ideas for a Mediterranean style yard and to stress how useful 3D Renderings are (I could go crazy with this space, but that is not wanted by the client at this time).

The yard design is very basic and does not include an outdoor kitchen or any pergolas. The client was mainly interested in planters, making more space and adding the pool.

Here are some existing and proposed 3D Rendering photos:

Existing Yard

Proposed Yard





I added a new Pool, Spa, new planter walls, two water features spilling out of the planter wall into the pool, stamped concrete for decking, standard tan coping and a stone wall was pushed back.

The client has a fantastic view of the mountains and I am happy to help make this a space to observe them from.