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I went skydiving last weekend and I admit, it was beyond incredible! I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but it was something that I always wanted to do.

I have to say the anticipation leading up to jumping out of a plane was something else. I didn’t know what to expect, how it would feel, if I would enjoy it or hate it. Earlier that day I kept looking up at the sky and freaking out, but I reminded myself that I have always wanted to try it and this was the day.

Here is the story in pictures:

Boarding the plane freaked out... but still looking Top Gun 😉

About 10,000 feet above sea level

The sound of the door popping open at 10,000 feet and the wind rushing in was quite an experience. If I thought the anticipation was bad, this was ten fold!

After the wind rushed in, the first jumper went out and seeing her fall made my heart skip some beats. I was second guessing my decision, but the man attached to me pushed me right along to the edge of the doorway.

There she goes beginning her 120 mph free fall

It was time and there was no looking back!

Just dropped out of the plane!

Awesome shot of the plane above us

Such an experience! The ground almost looked fake from up there.

Cool shot of the sun... skydiving is not really flattering on the face...

The next step ended up being my favorite part of the jump. After the chute was pulled, my instructor let me control the chute. It was so nice gliding from left to right. My favorite feeling was when I pulled both handles of the chute… it felt like I was floating.

Gliding through the sky is like nothing else. 🙂

Another shot of gliding

The landing was very easy as well. Nice and safe on the ground.

All smiles!

In the end I loved it and it is something that I am going to repeat numerous times.

If you have always wanted to go, I recommend trying it. It was a huge confidence booster in life since I conquered something that was a bit terrifying before. I jumped out of a freaking plane!

The jump site I went to is in Southern California and it is called Skydive Coastal California. Very nice staff and they were very to the point.

Thanks for reading and happy jumping!