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I was hired by a client living in Glendale California to assist him in designing his backyard. He wanted to see what his new pool, spa and backyard would look like in 3D before embarking upon the project.

Before photos:

Existing Backyard in Glendale, California

Existing Backyard in Glendale, California

I added in a pool, spa, bbq island, quartzite decking, two fountains in the pool and a fire pit with seating area.

I like to design backyards with nature in mind unless the house and surroundings are ultra modern. In nature structures and steps are more gradual instead of hard edge modern. This is an example of a natural design rather than a modern design.

Proposed Design:

Proposed View From the Spa

Proposed View From BBQ

Proposed View of Fire Pit Area

Proposed Night View of the Pool

The 3D rendering helped the client visualize exactly what his yard will look like and now he is in the process of getting the permits pulled and his backyard built!