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Good day!

I recently created a couple more items that I added to my Etsy Shop for the summer. One of them is a 12″x12″ succulent vertical planter and the other is a centerpiece made out of reclaimed wood. I am currently working on two reclaimed wood coffee tables that I will have up for sale soon.

Here are some shots of the succulent vertical planter:

Easy to disassemble if re-planting at a later date is desired.

Here are a couple pictures of the centerpiece/planter I made out of reclaimed wood:

Made of reclaimed redwood from an old fence.

I will continue to have unique items coming out made of reclaimed wood. Thanks for reading and please take the time to peek at my shop.

Check out my Etsy Shop by going to: http://www.etsy.com/shop/DesignRevolver

I have a Do-It-Yourself to make your own succulent vertical planters if you are interested. You can find it by clicking here: http://designrevolver.org/2011/09/05/living-art-by-designrevolver/